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Still tempting someone onto your list with fantastic free content and then leaving them hanging?  Girl, you can do better than that. 👈

You're also missing out on one of the most incredible places to connect with your people, show how you can help them, and make sure they know how awesome it will be to be involved in your business world!

🌮 Email communities are like tacos . . . #hearmeout!

Treat your subscribers with quality fillings and extra sweet toppings, keep them warm on the burner - and they'll reward you by being delicious AF

Throw a load of crap at them or leave them to get cold on the side, and they'll curl up, dry out, and eventually bounce!   #aintnobodywantthat

✨ Email is a unique channel, in that you have to be invited in - and then prove why you should be allowed to stay . . . That's where the nurture sequence comes into play:


It's a series of emails which makes it clear what the benefits will be of having you stick around in your brand new subscriber's sacred inbox - and continues to offer them value and support specific to their needs even after they've received your initial lead magnet content.

If that's something you'd like to be able to do - these $15 templates make it super simple to get your nurture email sequence up and running! 👇

'This was a great course and $15 investment! Thanks!'

- Seida Hood, The Pink Emerald Collective

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