Magnetic Messaging Workshop

During the 3 steps of this deep-dive workshop, you'll learn the keys to selling your specific high ticket offer, through any content you create for your online channels.

In each step, I'll be sharing trainings and activities that walk you through how to:

  1. Uncover your audience's inner beliefs
  2. Embrace what makes you different
  3. Understand what your people need to hear
  4. Transform your storytelling

. . . so that you can be sure each piece of content you create is a transformational part of your potential clients' sales journey.

Through the 3 easy to consume videos and  accompanying worksheets, you will get clear on your messaging, understand how to create engaging posts, and learn powerful writing techniques that will change the way you think about creating content - and help you to consistently and effectively sell your high ticket coaching or service offer!

- No more plucking ideas from the sky and hoping they work

- Or downloading content prompts left right and centre to get ideas that may or may not help you connect on a deep and transformational level with your ideal potential clients

15-20 minutes, for 3 days

✨  And you'll know exactly what you need to be talking about to grow your business, and sell more of your high ticket offer via organic social media content!

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