Consistent Sales is open! 🙌  Start making more sales in your business, with more predictable revenue each month

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Grow Your Audience Of Future Clients!

4 x easy to use checklists designed to help you create a consistent flow of high quality leads for your business.

This no-fluff guide will show you exact steps you can take to be seen by more of your ideal potential clients - so that you can increase your visibility and build relationships that lead to more client enrolments!

The Profitable Pricing Matrix

Figure out how to confidently price your offers - in a way that reflects the value to your clients, enables your to grow your business AND supports your personal capacity!

3 unique calculators + 2 comprehensive worksheets

Sales Without A Sales Page

Don't have a fancy sales page?

Feel exhausted just thinking about putting one together?

Let me show you how you can still crush your high-ticket sales with this surprisingly simple, tried + tested method!

2024 Content That Converts Calendar

    Designed specifically for coaches, course creators and service providers who have an active content marketing channel, this calendar gives you everything you need to leverage your existing online marketing efforts

    🗓️ 366 pre-researched, tested content ideas that you can tailor and monetise

    ⚡️ PLUS 50 hooks to attract your ideal clients' attention + 89 CTAs to drive engagement and generate leads!

    Content That Converts

    Content That Converts™ is a powerful training that will drastically shortcut your path to creating content that brings in sales.

    Includes lessons teaching my proven 7-Layered Content Method

    Plus examples and breakdowns of high-converting emails and social media posts, so you can see and understand exactly how to create high-converting content that sells your offers, on any platform!

    Eyes On

    💜 Eyes On is a single valuable service . . . in one small but mighty monthly package!

    If you're a coach or online service provider wanting to sign more clients as a result of your content, or if you're a course creator looking to increase enrolments -

    And if you'd like to have a sales & marketing expert in your corner to help you refine your emails, social media, sales pages, lead magnets, webinars . . . so you know they've got the best opportunity possible to convert -

    Eyes On is for you 🙌

    Ads That Slay

    👉 Get visible to a wider range of people

    👉 Grow your email list with subscribers who are thrilled to be in your world - and continue exploring your content once they're in

    👉 Turn those subscribers into aligned and profitable sales - without having to wait for your next launch

    👉 Stop fearing the iOS updates and run ads in a way that puts the data in your own 2 hands

    👉 Make FB + IG ads an effective part of your everyday marketing strategy and grow your business


    A unique 6 week program created to teach you a powerful cash injection strategy that will have a massive impact on your business! 💜

    Focusing on a unique proprietary strategy, with a bucket-load of personalised coaching included - TRIFECTA™️ is all about helping you step out of the practice of 'hoping the sales will come to you', and into the knowledge that you can make sales whenever you want to

    In an effective, zero ick way that establishes you as an authority in your niche ✨

    Consistent Sales

    It's Time To Make $20,000 Months Your New Baseline

    Work with Emma and learn how to create the freedom that comes with maintaining predictable, higher revenue months, so you can feel confident in your income no matter what's going on in the world or in your life!

    Consistent Sales is for the business owner who is determined to step away from the push push push, and stroll into a whole new realm of making money this year.

    Sales Boost Bundle

    The Ultimate Collection of resources, templates + guides to help you find and sign more clients via social media - without spending a dollar on ads

    Sales Boost Bundle includes 26 tried + tested resources uniquely created to help you find more clients and make more sales using social media

    Templates, outlines, bullet lists, swipes, prompts, examples, guides + strategic notes from Emma . . . All the tools you need to increase your visibility, create more leads, and sign more clients!

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