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Eyes On

Do you ever feel a little unsure of whether that email you've just written is actually going to bring in the new clients enquiries you really want it to . . .?

Sometimes feel like your content is doing a good job of creating those 'raving fans' everyone goes on about - but the likes and comments just aren't translating into the $$$ you want?

Wonder if your messaging angle for a particular offer is actually on-point?

If you're communicating it clearly enough?

If your content selling it is optimized for the maximum conversions possible from your audience type?

You're not alone.

One of the most valuable aspects of my private consulting is the ability for my clients to have any of their pieces of content critiqued - with constructive feedback provided that enables them to transform each of their content marketing channels into lucrative money makers.

Whether live email campaigns, email funnel sequences, sales pages, lead magnets, opt in pages, speaker submissions, or Facebook + Instagram ads

🥳 Which is why I decided to create Eyes On!

When you subscribe to Eyes On, I will be your ultimate partner in turning every item of content into a conversion machine!

Higher performing content means more subscribers, more clients, and ultimately, more revenue.

Which is what we're all in business for.

Plus, the more feedback you get, the better you become at intuitively creating high-converting content

No more crossing your fingers and hoping your content is doing what you want it to.

No more guesswork about what needs changing to make things work.

If you're a coach or online service provider wanting to sign more clients as a result of your content, or if you're a course creator looking to increase enrolments -

Eyes On is for you 🙌

What Your Monthly Service Includes:

  • You get to submit any combination of emails and / or social media posts that you would like to have expert feedback and critique on
  • You're able to submit up to 9 items of this kind to me in any one month
  • You can also submit 1 larger piece of content each month - like a full length sales page or a lead magnet
  • Your feedback will come in the form of a feedback video recorded by me + line comments on written content docs
  • Your feedback will be shared with you in your own private portal, where you'll also have a conversation channel to ask me any follow up questions or discuss anything else you're thinking about as a result of the feedback
  • Cancel any time - stay for 1 month, 3 months, or 10 months - As you wish!

Ready to get the best results from every piece of content you publish?

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